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b. The gelatinous, rounded mass which makes up the main A part of the medusa phase of most jellyfish and particular other cnidarians.

"[twenty] Jonah Weiner of Blender journal called the tune the album's highlight and mentioned that it "might be significantly much less engrossing if it was not to the way Rihanna disassembles its ungainly title into 11 hypnotic, tongue-flicking syllables".[21] The Ny Periods' Kelefa Sanneh described the song as "an area-age hip-pop tune".[eleven]

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The At district of Tenochtitlan was noted to get employed an umbrella created from feathers and gold as its pantli, an pinpointing marker that's the equal of a contemporary flag. The pantli was carried by the military basic.[22]

The moment the single was replaced on the highest spot, weather conditions in the course of New Zealand pacified, Despite the fact that Hawke's Bay was still stormy.[113]

In numerous Oriental Orthodox Church buildings, such as the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, umbrellas are used liturgically to indicate honor to anyone (such as a bishop) or simply a holy object. From the ceremonies of Timkat (Epiphany), monks will have a model on the Tablets of Stone, named a Tabot, on their heads in procession to the human body of water, which is able to then be blessed.

a small canopy applied as being a protection against the sun in China, Egypt, and somewhere else in remote antiquity. It was generally an emblem of rank. During the center Ages the umbrella turned Pretty much extinct in Europe; its usefulness was not rediscovered right up until the late sixteenth cent., when it absolutely was launched because the parapluie (Fr.,=against the rain). Its use didn't turn out to be general, on the other hand, right until the late 18th cent., when it is claimed to have already been released in England by Jonas Hanway; umbrellas have been to start with made about the Continent following 1787.

In historical Egypt, the parasol is located in numerous styles. In certain instances it's depicted like a flagellum, a fan of palm-leaves or coloured feathers set on a lengthy take care of, resembling Individuals now carried behind the Pope in processions.[eleven] Gardiner Wilkinson, in his work on Egypt, has an engraving of the Ethiopian princess travelling via Upper Egypt in a chariot; a style of umbrella mounted to a stout pole rises from the centre, bearing a close affinity to Exactly what are now termed chaise umbrellas.

However this time it was due to an organization often called Wilpharma. Among its vital employees, Frederic Downing, had stolen both equally the t and G virus samples from his preceding employer Umbrella, and had fled Raccoon Metropolis.

Information and facts The Umbrellas, A brief work of art realized in two countries at the same time, mirrored the similarities and variances from the ways of daily life and using the land in two inland valleys in Japan plus the United states of america.

A "suspension of small business decree" was imposed on Umbrella United states, Inc., stopping any even more existence within the US inventory marketplace. Less than threat of financial destroy, Umbrella filed an appeal to overturn the choice.[8]

Umbrella by itself was divided on the issue get more info of Raccoon Metropolis. Its virologists within the limitations put in their time exploring a cure, even though weapons researchers experienced experimental B.O.W.s despatched in to acquire beat facts on their own performance at killing civilians.

In 1769, the Maison Antoine, a keep in the Magasin d'Italie on rue Saint-Denis, was the first to supply umbrellas for rent to Individuals caught in downpours, and it became a typical apply.

References in typical literature ? It can be powerful and neat, so I should not to complain, but I understand I shall feel ashamed of it beside Annie's silk a single having a gold best," sighed Meg, surveying the small umbrella with terrific disfavor.

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